Technology of snowboards

We produce freestyle, slalom and freeride snowboards.


The basis of each freestyle snowboard is a stable wood core with a special profile that consists of many lamellas. For better stability and riding features is the board made out of special composite, that suppresses vibrations. The mirror construction enables both directional ride. The board is thus perfect for the slope as well as U-ramp.


Freeride board keeps the best freestyle features, but adds special laminate layers for riding on edges. The board thus keeps controllability and elasticity.


For much more demanding boarders we have special sidewall and slalom boards with sintered (race) surface, biaxial laminate and anti-vibration layer above steel edges for fast cut curves on slope or for a ride between slalom gates.


With Skidesign boards, you have the guarantee that thanks to high-tech materials we deliver great boarding features.


We apply your design on the upper PE layer of a board through digital technology (CMYK). The design is directly compressed in the production phase. It is not adhesive foil. It is the same superb quality as in case of best-known mass-producers.