Ski designr

Personalize your ski - stand out of the crowd

Each of our skis is a personalized original. We do not limit fantasy of our clients. If you have chosen a model of ski, contact us with your vision and expectations about its design. If you want ski for company campaign, we can together discuss the goals of such campaign and your company brand. Our experienced team of graphic designers will than make a proposal of design.

If you want to make your own personalized design (in programs Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator), contact us and we will send you template master file. After you submit it, we will check and finalize it.

An unique production process enables us to use any graphics directly on ski. It can be a simple but aimed symbol or fancy and diverse art. Whether used as a merchandising product, customer relationship instrument, incentive support, gift or bonus, both our personalized skis and skier with them can transfer your message.

Case studies for our clients

Look at some examples of projects for our recent clients. More about case studies here