Course of cooperation

3 steps to your own ski/snowboard

Would you like to know how can cooperation with us look like? Have you chosen or are you considering one of our products? If you read this page you will get more information about the realization of your orders from their initial specification up to the final delivery.


1. Defining your expectations and needs

At the first stage we recommend you to think about what you expect from our products and for what purpose you want to use them. Try to answer basic questions regarding the product features such as purpose of the ski (a gift, reward, sales incentive, marketing), who will use the product (clearly specified user of general user), technical specifications ( race, sport, all-around etc.) and your expectations from design (modern, abstract, conservative). If you feel that you need to consult these topics, do not hesitate to contact us already at this moment.

2. Project proposal

Following your preliminary setting (see point 1) we will make a proposal, which will contain a summary of the initial situation, our conditions and a price calculation. After this, we will discuss our suggestion with you thoroughly and together we will optimize it to match your needs.

3. Project realization

If you are satisfied with the project proposal and pricing we will proceed to another phase, which is the realization. We will produce design proposals and discuss your feedback to them. After your final agreement and payment we will manufacture and deliver the ski to you.