Strengthen your marketing or promotional campaigns and corporate brand. Uniqueness and individuality might be the key elements of a smart customer relationship. Personalized Skidesign skis are an eye-catching and effective marketing tool that will excite your customers, partners, colleagues and friends. ... More


We usually love things we create or in which we reflect ourselves the most. In Skidesign we believe each of us is a special kind of artist. Therefore we donĀ“t limit the fantasy of our clients. Each ski is a tailored solution that raises value of your ski. Express your individuality on the snow. ... More


No doubt, the biggest impact on man do have things that one sees, experience or loves. Our ski brings together an original look, joy of ride and emotions. Whether you want to support your brand, reward customers or make your marketing campaign more effective, you can with our ski. ... More


We offer a wide variety of high- quality carving and nordic skis and snowboards. If you prefer race carving, slalom or freeride, our ski fully satisfy professional skiers as well as beginners. We use traditions and latest technologies to deliver the results.... More

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Models of cutomizable snowboards

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Personalize design of your snowboard

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